Henley’s Styling

Henley is a pullover shirt and essentially a fancier t-shirt or a collarless polo with sleeves either full or short,they have certainly awesome edge.

They look great with leather and denim,and a right person can even wear them under the blazer.

  • A henley is very versatile. It can be worn as with denims or under a sweater or jacket. when its cold you can add muffler and gloves to it,In summer you can wear a henley with shorts or you can choose according to the season.they are available in both light and heavy fabric.

  • It is a great alternative to a regular t-shirt especially when going out in casuals and it can also give a formal look when it’s worn under a sweater or suit.
    It looks diffrent and make you stand out even when you are dressing low that is when you are in a relaxed setting.

while dressing up i would suggest you to leave the top button undone.Looks damn sexy!!

  • Some best colour choices for Henley are:-
    –  Grey
    – Charcoal
    – Navy blue
    – Tan
    – Maroon



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