Loafer’s Manual

Slip-on-shoe are basically lace- less shoe,this style commonly known as  Loafers. The loafer enjoys general use as a casual and informal shoe worn for work and leisure, though lace-ups are still preferred for more formal situations.One of the first designs was introduced in London by Wildsmith Shoes, called the Wildsmith Loafer. They began as casual shoes, but have increased in popularity to the point of being worn in America with city lounge suits.

This guide will help you navigate the multiple styles and most importantly advise you how to wear loafers with any outfit.

Loafer are of many types, we will help you in styling different loafer with their preferable outfits.


Penny are formal loafers which are extensively used with formal wear’s. Defining feature of penny – It has Leather ‘saddle’ strap across upper, with cut out big enough to hold a penny.

If you are looking for casual styling then there are more options other than penny.

It can be used for everyday wear. You can wear it with socks, you can also wear it with jeans and suit.  It will not look good with Shorts and Tux.


Hazel’s are versatile loafer it can be wear as both casually and formally ,they are very stylish, it catches every eye around you , they are very good looking , you can use it as everyday wear ,it looks cool with jeans and also looks good with Shorts and Suit and its your choice to wear it with socks or not it’ll look good anyways.

  • Tassel

If you are looking to go out in formals then tassel is a good choice. Tassel can be wore with suit,this give you an awesome formal look. you can also use it casually with jeans and i would not prefer to use it with shorts, tux and socks.

  • Kilt

These are less formal, you can use kilt with jeans, it’ll will look best with jeans otherwise you can wear it with shorts , suit and socks this will give you little stylish look. You can also use it as everyday wear. This will surely improve your wardrobe.

  • Driving

These are very stylish and provide ultra casual look, if you are trying to look best with driving then you must wear it with jeans or you can also use it with shorts. I would suggest you not to use socks with it and also suit and tux.

  • Espadrille

These will give you the super casual look, this will surely make you look very stylish. I would not suggest it with formals or i say these are not made for formals. These are super stylish and can be used with Jeans and shorts.It will not look good with Suit and Socks.


I prefer you all these to improve your wardrobe,this guide will surely gonna help you.

Stay Faconable.


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